Tina Skiver          

I am a mother first, photographer second. 
I am a stepmother but not the evil kind.
I have a love for children that I inherited from my mother. 
I have a goofy personality and strong work ethic,
that I learned from my father.
I like to sing all the time, pretend I'm in a Broadway musical,
and read with an accent.
I believe your favorite ninja turtle says a lot about who you are. 
My favorite is Raphael.
I have always had a passion for the old- antiques, 
old way of life etc
I grew up in rural Michigan building forts, 
climbing trees and pretending to be an orphan.
I have a degree in interior design and had vivid dreams about
redoing the house when I was a teenager.
I live in my imagination.
I believe in never growing up.